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Media Statements

PSA condemns attack on educator by learner at JJ Tabane Secondary School, Ga Mphahlele May 2024 5/24/2024 10:34:47 AM
PSA calls for arrest of Limpopo Department of Education acting Head for disregard of Prohibition Notice May 2024 5/24/2024 10:21:45 AM
PSA demands urgent action on pay disparities in Limpopo Expanded Public Works Programme May 2024 5/22/2024 9:07:15 AM
PSA supports efforts by SIU and Hawks to eradicate corruption at Department of Home Affairs May 2024 5/21/2024 11:22:25 AM
Africa Day: PSA calls for strengthened education on continent May 2024 5/21/2024 6:24:14 AM
PSA disappointed with Department of Correctional Services following violent attack on employee May 2024 5/20/2024 9:14:15 AM
Forced leave on public holidays: Labour Appeal Court rejects appeal application by Department of Correctional Services May 2024 5/17/2024 6:33:29 AM
PSA condemns Limpopo Department of Education’s failure to address safety concerns at Rehlahleng Special School May 2024 5/16/2024 9:24:25 AM
PSA disappointed by President’s impending signing of controversial NHI Bill May 2024 5/15/2024 9:18:57 AM
PSA welcomes reopening of Polokwane Magistrates Court after 12 years May 2024 5/13/2024 7:18:31 PM
PSA calls for new Department of Home Affairs office in Mokopane and 100 mobile offices to be supported by additional staff May 2024 5/13/2024 10:10:48 AM
PSA supports public-private dual system for healthcare in South Africa May 2024 5/10/2024 6:55:00 AM
George industrial-site tragedy- PSA urges employers to prioritise employees’ safety May 2024 5/10/2024 6:05:08 AM
Nurses’ Day: Notable shortage of nursing professionals putting strain on healthcare system May 2024 5/9/2024 9:30:05 AM
PSA condemns murder of Limpopo Community Development Practitioner May 2024 5/9/2024 9:11:57 AM
PSA donates much-needed wheelchairs to Tswellang Special School May 2024 5/9/2024 8:37:37 AM
PSA urges employers to embrace employment of persons with disabilities May 2024 5/7/2024 6:41:30 AM
PSA urges Limpopo Office of Premier to launch qualification verification amidst allegation of senior manager falsifying qualifications May 2024 5/3/2024 7:40:10 AM
PSA calls on Limpopo Education Department to act against disruptive School Governing Body members at Mmampatile Primary May 2024 5/2/2024 11:41:04 AM
PSA welcomes conviction of individual that brutally attacked a Paramedic in Pretoria April 2024 4/29/2024 1:02:23 PM
PSA concerned about service delivery and safety in Mpumalanga hospitals April 2024 4/26/2024 11:41:26 AM
Workers’ Day 2024: PSA urges workers commitment to mutual support through adversity April 2024 4/25/2024 12:50:42 PM
PSA urges Monetary Policy Committee to consider interest-rate reduction to ease financial constraints for South Africans April 2024 4/23/2024 7:15:24 AM
World Day for Safety and Health at Work: PSA calls for compliance April 2024 4/23/2024 6:25:56 AM
Freedom Day: Public servants’ wellbeing of paramount importance April 2024 4/22/2024 12:48:30 PM
PSA concerned about Gauteng Department of Health’s ongoing “importing” of Cuban doctors April 2024 4/17/2024 12:26:45 PM
PSA concerned about tax hikes to fund National Health Insurance April 2024 4/16/2024 11:24:48 AM
PSA welcomes advertisement of 120 posts by KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health April 2024 4/11/2024 11:00:17 AM
30 years of democracy: PSA urges government to improve public-service sector April 2024 4/11/2024 9:41:36 AM
PSA outraged by Gauteng Health Department’s disregard of health and safety matters at Johan Heyns Community Health Centre and District Office April 2024 4/9/2024 1:20:40 PM
PSA condemns violent attack on workers at Themba Hospital April 2024 4/9/2024 8:09:18 AM
PSA urges Eastern Cape Department of Health to improve security at institutions in Nelson Mandela Bay district April 2024 4/5/2024 12:47:24 PM
PSA refutes claims of overpaid and underperforming public servants April 2024 4/4/2024 12:07:16 PM
PSA remains concerned about National Health Insurance impact on healthcare service in South Africa April 2024 4/3/2024 1:27:29 PM
PSA urges government to act swiftly to eradicate maladministration and corruption April 2024 4/3/2024 10:18:43 AM
PSA demands urgent plan for appointment of unemployed doctors in KwaZulu-Natal April 2024 4/3/2024 8:47:35 AM
PSA urges public-service departments to adopt more flexible approach for remote working April 2024 4/3/2024 7:03:34 AM
PSA condemns appalling conditions at Department of Arts Culture and Sport Development in North West April 2024 4/2/2024 1:24:18 PM
PSA condemns increase in fuel and electricity costs April 2024 4/2/2024 11:20:20 AM
Eastern Cape PSA calls for upgrading of security following shooting at Uitenhage Provincial Hospital March 2024 3/26/2024 2:19:32 PM
Human Rights Day: PSA committed to upholding workplace principles March 2024 3/19/2024 6:35:00 AM
PSA welcomes proposed amendments to Public Sector pension legislation March 2024 3/14/2024 12:04:22 PM
PSA concerned about cyber-attacks on government systems March 2024 3/14/2024 7:35:26 AM
PSA concerned about members’ safety at Mpumalanga Correctional Services March 2024 3/12/2024 1:55:26 PM
Elections 2024: PSA position remains firm March 2024 3/11/2024 7:42:11 AM
PSA appalled by condition of SAPS Headquarters at Telkom Towers March 2024 3/11/2024 5:34:29 AM
PSA welcomes closure of unsafe mobile classrooms in Vhembe District, Limpopo March 2024 3/8/2024 7:35:10 AM
PSA calls for urgent restoration of electricity to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal March 2024 3/7/2024 11:44:25 AM
PSA extremely concerned about state of government buildings March 2024 3/7/2024 9:42:46 AM
PSA calls for stringent measures following killing of student in Braamfontein March 2024 3/5/2024 10:25:06 AM
School governing bodies must be held accountable when elected to positions that decide future of schools March 2024 3/5/2024 6:55:28 AM
PSA demands intervention to restore water and electricity at Zola Community Health Centre March 2024 3/5/2024 6:54:32 AM
PSA calls for investigation into alleged irregular appointment in Limpopo Premier’s Office March 2024 3/1/2024 10:31:19 AM
PSA opposes use of Government Employees Pension Fund’s money to bail out state-owned enterprises February 2024 2/29/2024 7:39:29 AM
PSA expectations for KwaZulu-Natal State of Province Address February 2024 2/28/2024 11:11:51 AM
PSA welcomes prohibition notice for PC Pelser Building in Klerksdorp February 2024 2/28/2024 10:04:22 AM
PSA welcomes DPSA’s directive on professionalisation of public service February 2024 2/28/2024 6:50:50 AM
Limpopo State of the Province Address - PSA expectations February 2024 2/26/2024 6:40:25 AM
Eastern Cape - State of the Province Address February 2024 2/26/2024 6:30:09 AM
PSA disappointed with SARS' delaying tactic to lodge an appeal application against high court judgment February 2024 2/23/2024 12:21:19 PM
North West Department of Health - Medicine shortage at medical depot February 2024 2/23/2024 11:12:07 AM
Budget speech: PSA welcomes some components, especially confirmation of funds for public service salary increases February 2024 2/22/2024 9:10:50 AM
PSA urges Minister of Communication and Digitalisation to uphold court order on SITA Board February 2024 2/21/2024 5:23:23 PM
PSA cautions Limpopo Department of Social Development to follow fair procedure when implementing Public Protector recommendations February 2024 2/19/2024 11:55:46 AM
PSA calls for decisive action to ensure employment of newly qualified Doctors February 2024 2/16/2024 9:01:10 AM
PSA calls for urgent action to address Free State Traffic Offices’ resource shortages February 2024 2/14/2024 1:24:35 PM
PSA calls for security upgrade at Soshanguve Secure Care Centre (Jukulyn area) February 2024 2/14/2024 12:24:07 PM
PSA calls for employment of Doctors in Eastern Cape February 2024 2/12/2024 10:34:02 AM
PSA deeply disappointed with State of Nation Address February 2024 2/12/2024 8:10:41 AM
PSA welcomes launch of men’s clinics in Limpopo February 2024 2/9/2024 11:25:22 AM
Correctional Services Brandvlei Management Area fire: PSA requests investigation February 2024 2/7/2024 1:41:36 PM
State of the Nation Address: PSA expectations February 2024 2/7/2024 12:03:10 PM
Johan Heyns Community Health Centre and District Office: PSA applauds prohibition order against Gauteng Department of Health January 2024 1/31/2024 8:30:32 AM
PSA condemns non-action by Gauteng Department of Health regarding Johan Heyns Community Health Centre and District Office January 2024 1/29/2024 11:03:04 AM
Government Printing Works: PSA concerned about deteriorating state January 2024 1/29/2024 10:50:32 AM
PSA calls for immediate placement and appointment of more than 700 unemployed doctors in KwaZulu-Natal January 2024 1/29/2024 10:16:25 AM
PSA concerned about Limpopo Department of Education readiness for 2024-academic year January 2024 1/26/2024 12:06:08 PM
National Police Day 2024: PSA pays tribute to heroes of society January 2024 1/26/2024 8:45:08 AM
PSA disappointed with Reserve Bank’s decision to maintain repo rate January 2024 1/25/2024 3:50:25 PM
PSA disturbed by working conditions at Department of Education in Lebowakgomo January 2024 1/25/2024 11:02:38 AM
PSA calls for reinstatement of 75 dismissed workers at KwaZulu-Natal TVET Coastal College January 2024 1/24/2024 1:43:09 PM
PSA urges Monetary Policy Committee to cut interest rates that deepen economic crisis January 2024 1/23/2024 12:57:09 PM
PSA welcomes High Court decision on Beitbridge fence construction January 2024 1/22/2024 10:13:10 AM
PSA congratulates Eastern Cape Class of 2023 January 2024 1/19/2024 1:29:00 PM
PSA shocked about National Treasury’s funding cut for SA Revenue Service January 2024 1/19/2024 11:16:33 AM
PSA congratulates Class of 2023 January 2024 1/19/2024 11:15:50 AM
PSA calls for improved security controls at Jade Square Building in North West January 2024 1/19/2024 10:24:31 AM
PSA calls for enhanced security at Mpumalanga Courts January 2024 1/17/2024 11:16:52 AM
PSA commends intervention by Department of Employment and Labour at Theunissen Clinics in Free State January 2024 1/17/2024 8:40:37 AM
SARS Rissik Street Building. PSA condemns alleged non-compliance with occupational health and safety requirements January 2024 1/16/2024 7:54:06 AM
PSA calls for urgent intervention to stop excessive, unwarranted legal expenses in Public Service January 2024 1/15/2024 1:34:21 PM
PSA alarmed by deteriorating healthcare conditions in Free State January 2024 1/15/2024 10:41:20 AM
PSA Free State concerned regarding impact of water crisis on clinics in Theunissen January 2024 1/9/2024 7:16:06 AM
PSA calls for urgent intervention to stop excessive, unwarranted legal expenses in the public service December 2023 12/14/2023 9:06:12 AM
PSA condemns Limpopo Department of Health’s failure to effect outstanding overtime payments to 900 employees December 2023 12/13/2023 11:10:40 AM
PSA demands action to address vehicle hijackings and attacks on public servants in KwaZulu-Natal December 2023 12/12/2023 6:31:21 AM
PSA condemns shooting at Mawelewele Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal December 2023 12/11/2023 11:28:25 AM
PSA concerned about unbearable working conditions at North West Department of Social Development December 2023 12/8/2023 3:09:14 PM
PSA calls on KwaZulu-Natal Premier to end exploitation of Community Health Workers December 2023 12/8/2023 3:08:31 PM
PSA welcomes recommendation by Commission to increase National Minimum wage with CPI plus 3% December 2023 12/8/2023 3:07:16 PM
PSA alarmed about surge in crime targeting health workers and facilities in KwaZulu-Natal December 2023 12/7/2023 11:18:32 AM
PSA condemns KwaZulu-Natal Coastal TVET College’s unfair dismissal of 101 contract workers December 2023 12/6/2023 3:38:36 PM
PSA condemns shocking state of Coastal TVET College and calls for urgent intervention December 2023 12/4/2023 12:15:23 PM
PSA calls for justice amidst allegations of theft and whistleblower retaliation at Gauteng school December 2023 12/4/2023 8:46:23 AM
PSA welcomes arrests of three former senior employees of Office of Chief Justice December 2023 12/1/2023 7:31:03 AM
PSA outraged by Limpopo Department of Education’s failure to provide toilets to Rivubye High School November 2023 11/30/2023 8:27:08 AM
PSA demands swift action against criminals after brutal attacks at Merebank Department of Transport in KwaZulu-Natal November 2023 11/29/2023 1:36:55 PM
PSA condemns poor management and negligence at Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa Secure Centre in Gauteng November 2023 11/29/2023 12:59:23 PM
PSA condemns criminal currency manipulation by banks and devastating impact on economy November 2023 11/28/2023 1:21:43 PM
PSA welcomes inauguration of Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal November 2023 11/24/2023 6:11:59 AM
High Court orders SA Revenue Service to pay PSA members’ salary increases November 2023 11/22/2023 12:10:50 PM
PSA condemns unilateral 9.5% increase in GEMS 2024 medical-aid fees November 2023 11/22/2023 10:14:22 AM
PSA condemns unjust targeting of shop stewards and Union members at Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Hospital by management in KwaZulu-Natal November 2023 11/21/2023 9:37:10 AM
PSA demands conversion of contract workers at KwaZulu-Natal Coastal TVET College November 2023 11/20/2023 1:45:00 PM
PSA notes decrease in unemployment but urges government to contribute November 2023 11/16/2023 6:47:51 AM
PSA welcomes positive engagement with KwaZulu-Natal MEC of Basic Education and senior management November 2023 11/15/2023 9:15:59 AM
PSA concerned about safety of Department of Correctional Services employees in Western Cape November 2023 11/10/2023 12:35:04 PM
PSA congratulates 2023 Global Teacher Award winner from KwaZulu-Natal November 2023 11/10/2023 12:03:35 PM
PSA calls on KZN Treasury and Office of Premier to allocate resources to schools November 2023 11/10/2023 9:52:15 AM
PSA demands action as South Africa is losing battle against crime November 2023 11/10/2023 6:44:49 AM
Eviction of PSA member from official residence - PSA calls on KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC to stop wasting state resources on frivolous litigation November 2023 11/9/2023 1:30:43 PM
PSA condemns poor administration at Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison November 2023 11/9/2023 12:37:24 PM
PSA demands answers on new approach to rein in “bloated wage bill” November 2023 11/9/2023 10:49:59 AM
PSA condemns attack on learners of Ngazindlovu High School, Mpumalanga November 2023 11/8/2023 11:04:58 AM
PSA requests inquest following passing of Union member at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal November 2023 11/7/2023 6:38:52 AM
PSA calls for stop of power cuts at General De La Rey Hospital in North West November 2023 11/6/2023 9:32:46 AM
PSA welcomes Durban High Court ruling to suspend eviction notice against employee residing in state residence November 2023 11/3/2023 7:45:46 AM
PSA concerned about instability at KwaZulu-Natal Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs November 2023 11/2/2023 7:44:56 AM
Medium-Term Budget: PSA welcomes protection of 2023/24-public service wage agreement November 2023 11/1/2023 4:50:28 PM
Medium-Term Budget Speech: PSA expects recovery plan to stimulate economy and enhance service delivery October 2023 10/31/2023 2:55:42 PM
PSA concerned about cost-containment strategy and freezing of posts in Mpumalanga October 2023 10/30/2023 1:18:36 PM
Maternity leave: PSA welcomes groundbreaking judgement for parents October 2023 10/30/2023 5:57:55 AM
PSA condemns Treasury proposal to delay “two-pot” October 2023 10/27/2023 12:40:09 PM
PSA commends Limpopo educators’ efforts to assist Grade-12 learners October 2023 10/27/2023 12:02:53 PM
PSA welcomes decision by KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Economic Development and Tourism to cancel SAMA hosting October 2023 10/26/2023 7:54:34 AM
PSA welcomes 10-year sentence for copper cable theft at PRASA October 2023 10/19/2023 1:28:37 PM
PSA appreciates North-West Department of Education’s action on occupational health and safety matters October 2023 10/19/2023 6:57:59 AM
Expected flooding in KwaZulu-Natal: PSA calls on Premier of KwaZulu-Natal to allow public servants to work remotely October 2023 10/18/2023 6:50:03 AM
PSA concerned about proposed changes to Road Accident Fund October 2023 10/18/2023 6:22:15 AM
PSA calls of government to prioritise mental health and wellness of employees by means of conducive work environment October 2023 10/17/2023 9:41:54 AM
PSA condemns intended lavish spending of Department of Economic Development and Tourism on SAMA Awards October 2023 10/16/2023 12:32:46 PM
PSA ready for full-blown strike at SITA on Monday, 16 October 2023 October 2023 10/16/2023 5:55:50 AM
PSA attributes mass resignations at Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to poor working conditions October 2023 10/13/2023 12:54:06 PM
Unsafe working conditions at Bela-Bela Magistrates Court: PSA calls on Minister of Justice to intervene October 2023 10/13/2023 6:45:33 AM
PSA prepares for “full-blown” strike at SITA October 2023 10/12/2023 1:11:36 PM
PSA extends best wishes to all Matriculants October 2023 10/11/2023 12:44:26 PM
PSA extends condolences following tragedy at SANDF Training Centre in Northern Cape October 2023 10/11/2023 7:44:40 AM
SITA: Strike looms as salary negotiations deadlock October 2023 10/9/2023 3:44:43 PM
PSA issues stern warning to Minister of Human Settlements October 2023 10/6/2023 1:40:24 PM
PSA urges government to reform SOEs to improve economy October 2023 10/5/2023 8:47:07 AM
PSA concerned about bullying and staff victimisation at Kwathintwa Special School of Deaf September 2023 9/28/2023 12:42:25 PM
SARS fire: PSA urges government to prioritise occupational health and safety September 2023 9/22/2023 9:29:58 AM
Heritage Day: PSA celebrates legacy of service September 2023 9/22/2023 6:11:52 AM
Lack of uniforms and protective clothing endangers Limpopo Rangers September 2023 9/21/2023 1:21:03 PM
PSA opposes downsizing and post-freezes as hindering nation’s developmental goals September 2023 9/21/2023 12:45:40 PM
PSA applauds accountability measures regarding R5 billion UIF scheme September 2023 9/13/2023 1:22:42 PM
PSA welcomes advertising of 523 nursing positions by Limpopo Department of Health September 2023 9/8/2023 1:17:13 PM
Department of Public Enterprises closure: PSA calls for urgent consultation September 2023 9/4/2023 10:44:22 AM
PSA disappointed with government’s cost-containment measures September 2023 9/4/2023 8:53:52 AM
PSA condemns privatisation of Pharmaceutical Services at a cost of R50-million per month August 2023 8/31/2023 10:12:59 AM
PSA condemns repeated appointment of legal representatives by Home Affairs August 2023 8/30/2023 11:04:59 AM
PSA condemns eviction of member and abuse of power at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital August 2023 8/30/2023 6:13:59 AM
KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health: PSA condemns deductions from non-striking employees’ salaries August 2023 8/25/2023 11:23:31 AM
Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure: PSA demands full investigation into alleged irregularities August 2023 8/24/2023 12:36:04 PM
PSA condemns repeated appointment of legal representatives by Department of Home Affairs August 2023 8/18/2023 12:39:27 PM
PSA condemns failure by Department of Home Affairs to act on sexual harassment allegations at Alberton Office August 2023 8/17/2023 12:34:59 PM
PSA condemns refusal by E-Gov to close dilapidated Imbumba House building August 2023 8/14/2023 1:11:29 PM
PSA concerned about safety of public servants owing to current civil protests in Western Cape August 2023 8/8/2023 3:46:14 PM
Women’s Day: Women vital for functioning of communities August 2023 8/8/2023 5:38:32 AM
PSA calls for increased security at Correctional Centres following attack on Correctional Officers at St Albans August 2023 8/4/2023 10:46:07 AM
PSA concerned about safety of workers owing to Western Cape taxi strike and violence August 2023 8/4/2023 8:13:38 AM
PSA concerned about increased incidents of hijacking of state vehicles of Mpumalanga Department of Health August 2023 8/3/2023 9:49:55 AM
PSA concerned about unexplained, abrupt removal of SITA Board by Minister of Communications and Digital Communication July 2023 7/31/2023 11:14:24 AM
PSA condemns Minister of Human Settlements’ failure to comply with court rulings and waste of public funds July 2023 7/27/2023 11:59:30 AM
PSA concerned about state of Limpopo Department of Education July 2023 7/26/2023 10:13:21 AM
PSA calls for hybrid system for implementing “work from home” July 2023 7/26/2023 6:54:41 AM
PSA infuriated by allegations of abuse of workers at Sedibeng Special School in Limpopo July 2023 7/26/2023 5:41:38 AM
PSA calls for urgent intervention at Limpopo death-trap hospital July 2023 7/25/2023 10:49:20 AM
Mandela Day 2023 - PSA supports Community Health Workers July 2023 7/17/2023 12:27:31 PM
PSA condemns statement by PSC calling public servants lazy July 2023 7/14/2023 12:51:21 PM
PSA Free State launches wheelchair project to benefit Tswellang Special School July 2023 7/13/2023 1:19:28 PM
PSA cautions that NHI should not be used for electioneering towards 2024 July 2023 7/11/2023 8:01:38 AM
PSA laments failures by Limpopo Municipalities to use their allocated budgets July 2023 7/10/2023 8:07:07 AM
PSA outraged by Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism’s failure to provide field rangers with uniform July 2023 7/10/2023 6:04:54 AM
PSA calls for closure of Limpopo Department of Education’s Hlanganani North Circuit Office Building owing to health and safety concerns July 2023 7/7/2023 6:21:45 AM
PSA urges Department of Correctional Services to stop new shift arrangements at Westville Correctional Centre July 2023 7/6/2023 1:26:06 PM
PSA alarmed about instruction to stop filling posts in Free State Department of Health July 2023 7/6/2023 9:06:15 AM
PSA: Celebrating legacy of trade union success July 2023 7/6/2023 6:05:09 AM
PSA deeply concerned about state of Limpopo Health services July 2023 7/5/2023 1:33:55 PM
PSA condemns abuse of disciplinary process at Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development July 2023 7/4/2023 11:31:17 AM
PSA welcomes closure of Phalaborwa Magistrates Court July 2023 7/3/2023 7:00:59 AM
PSA shocked by state of Old Mmabatho High School Building in North West June 2023 6/30/2023 1:00:47 PM
PSA calls on Limpopo Premier to fill 13 800 vacancies to alleviate youth unemployment June 2023 6/30/2023 12:47:07 PM
PSA congratulates Mr Sithole Mbanga on appointment as SALGA CEO June 2023 6/29/2023 1:08:02 PM
PSA calls on Limpopo Provincial Health MEC to suspend 24-hour service at non-compliant clinics June 2023 6/28/2023 11:40:02 AM
Limpopo Department of Health: PSA concerned regarding alleged tender irregularities June 2023 6/28/2023 9:50:16 AM
PSA calls for ministerial intervention at KwaZulu-Natal TVET Coastal College June 2023 6/28/2023 5:38:00 AM
PSA: The country not ready to implement National Health Insurance (NHI) June 2023 6/26/2023 8:34:03 AM
PSA alarmed by refusal of Hoërskool Oos-Moot to allow union representation in employee’s disciplinary hearing June 2023 6/23/2023 12:18:49 PM
Public Service Day 2023: PSA calls on government to repair public sector to boost service delivery June 2023 6/21/2023 12:48:12 PM
PSA concerned regarding safety of members at Carolina Hospital in Mpumalanga June 2023 6/20/2023 6:55:14 AM
Youth Day 2023: PSA calls for empowerment of young people June 2023 6/15/2023 7:37:43 AM
PSA welcomes closure of Department of Basic Education’s Tshwane West District owing to non-compliance with occupational health and safety standards June 2023 6/12/2023 10:10:56 AM
PSA welcomes closure of Department of Education Circuit Offices in Capricorn District June 2023 6/9/2023 10:56:41 AM
PSA condemns conduct of Minister of Human Settlements in an ongoing disciplinary process June 2023 6/8/2023 11:29:22 AM
Government Printing Works: PSA condemns suspension of employees for demanding personal protective equipment June 2023 6/8/2023 5:58:52 AM
PSA supports SA Police Service’s Junior Commissioner initiative June 2023 6/2/2023 1:05:01 PM
PSA donates solar rechargeable lights to disadvantaged learners May 2023 5/30/2023 11:47:45 AM
North-West Hospitals: PSA urges Minister of Health to intervene May 2023 5/30/2023 8:40:47 AM
PSA concerned about ripple-effect of Cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal May 2023 5/30/2023 6:11:07 AM