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The Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) serves the South Africa public education sector nationally. It is a statutory council, initially established by the Education Labour Relations Act, 1993 but now draws authority from the Labour Relations Act, 1995. The ELRC is primarily established with the aim of maintaining labour peace within public education. This is achieved through a processes of dispute prevention and dipute resolution.

The ELRC is involved in initiatives to prevent disputes from arising within the public education sector. This is achieved through facilitating the process of constructive collective bargaining between educator unions and the Department of Education as employer.

The ELRC conducts various workshops to increase the level of awareness and understanding of sound labour relations procedures.

Collective agreement no 3 of 2016 elrc guidelines promotion arbitrations January 2019 1/11/2019 2:05:18 PM
Collective agreement no 4 of 2016 tranfer of serving educators in terms of operational requirements January 2019 1/11/2019 2:12:23 PM
Elrc resolution 2/2009 January 2019 1/11/2019 2:05:21 PM
Collective agreement no 5 of 2016 levy agreement January 2019 1/11/2019 2:12:23 PM