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Metropolitan Life Products
  • DreamBuilder Family Funeral Products – offered by Group Schemes, negotiated especially for PSA members.
  • Metropolitan offers a Dream Building Policy that pays out tax-free after 10or 15 years.
  • Retirement
  • DreamBuilder Pension Plan – offers a low minimum premium pure retirement annuity.

Provision for Education Cost
  • FutureBuilder
  • Financial Provider
  • Retirement
  • DreamBuilder Edu-Plus Plan – offers one penalty-free withdrawal per annum after five years, and has an optional premium waiver on death or disability.
Investment Needs
  • Investment Provider.
  • Financial Provider (Pure Endowment) Mini - Dynamic Life.
  • Retirement
  • Unit Trusts (local and off-shore).
  • DreamBuilder Savings Plan - offers a low minimum premium pure endowment.

Financial Protection
  • Financial Provider (Whole Life Endowment)
  • Financial Provider (Endowment with Life and Disability Cover)
Health Insurance and Medical Aid Top-up
  • FutureMed (post-retirement healthcare assistance)
  • DreamBuilder CashBack Hospital Plan – hospital cash product that offers cash back after every 3 years if you did not claim and/or have paid all premiums up to date.

Inflation Protection
  • AIM (Automatic Inflation Management should be offered on all investment-related products).
Family Protection
  • Multicash Plan.
  • Capital Preservation Plan Family Care.
  • Children's supplementary benefit.
  • Parents' supplementary benefit.
  • Funeral supplementary benefit.
  • Direct Marketing Funeral Products.

Tax Relief
  • Retirement Annuity.