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Old Mutual


Old Mutual Retail Mass Market offers Standard and Comprehensive Plus Funeral Plans

  • Funeral Cover of up to  R70 000
  • Individual Plan
  • Single Adult Family Plan
  • Family Plan
  • Parents Plan
  • Extended Family Plan
  • Funeral Support Services are included in these plans at no extra cost:

Money Back Guarantee

An amount equal to the premiums paid will be payable if the life assured dies due to natural causes or suicide during their waiting period.


After every 36 premiums we receive (a premium cycle), we review the premiums you have paid and will pay a portion of the first 12 premiums in that premium cycle, back to you. The value of the premiums back is equal to two times the last premium in that premium cycle on the Standard Funeral Plan, and six times the last premium in that premium cycle on the Comprehensive+ Funeral Plan. 

For more information, visit your nearest Old Mutual Client Service branch, or contact your Retail Mass Market adviser, or our Communication Centre on 0860 607 111

Lines are open 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday and at 9am - 12pm on Saturdays.

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