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Metropolitan are committed to being financial wellness coaches to you as member of the PSA.



Metropolitan PSA Group Scheme

Let us help you plan for your financial life goals


Let us be your partner, and walk with you as you achieve your life goals and give you the dignified funeral you deserve. All families are different, and at Metropolitan, we understand that you need a funeral plan that is flexible enough to cover you and your unique family.

As a PSA member you enjoy favourable rates and service excellence on the Metropolitan Funeral Plan. Your premiums are automatically deducted from your salary so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be buried with the dignity you deserve.

Start planning for what matters to you today, by giving your family the gift of comfort during their time of grief.

Who can I get cover for?

Cover up to 20 people on one plan. Get cover of up to R50 000 for your parents and R50 000 for extended family.

Cover yourself and your immediate family for
up to R80 000

(Plan owner, life partners and children)

You can customise your plan to suit your needs. You have the flexibility to change your cover as and when your life changes.

You can cover each child for life at an individual premium or cover all your children under immediate family until they turn 21.

As a client, you choose what features you would like to add to your funeral event. We will organise the funeral arrangements on your behalf and keep you updated.

There are no medical health checks required.

You can submit a funeral claim online, without submitting any paperwork. We pay out all valid claims in less than 24 hours.

Call:    0860 724 724